Sore Bunion


Do You Suffer With Sore Bunion?

I wanted to share with you a common patient story I had in the clinic this week. This is about a busy mum named Alison who has seen us in the past in regard to osteoarthritis in her big toe. She originally came to see us because she was getting pain in her big toe and had a moderate bunion.

Alison had her assessment and also an x ray done of her feet, and it showed that she had osteoarthritis in her big toe. She started a course of foot mobilisation, and the treatment was going well, and Alison reported significant improvement. Unfortunately, due to the craziness of covid/ home schooling and life in general we hadn’t seen Alison in 12 months. (I would also add that the highlight of people’s existence is not seeing their podiatrist!).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of osteoarthritis in big toes the pain tends to come back if its not maintained. Needless to say, this was the case for Alison, so she gave us a call and cam in to see us for what we call a solution visit. So, this is a super common visit particularly with what’s happened over the last two years. So, the great thing we had Alison back on track and with less pain in under 2 weeks!

So, the take away’s here are:

  • With OA Big toes/bunions it’s really important to maintain the joints so that you slow the deterioration of the joints
  • We can reduce your pain through mobilisation and acupuncture very quickly
  • The sooner you come in the easier and cheaper it is to reduce pain if you leave it, it will be much harder to reduce pain and inflammation.

This video is to help with Bunion/Big toe Pain in this video Daniel discusses

  • Why the is big toe is sore
  • Why big toe pain is happening particularly with change in routine
  • How to help it in under 3 minutes a day in most cases
  • How to keep you walking and running for you sanity!


The second video is how to loosen up so that you reduce your big toe pain in under 2 minutes a day


The third video is a great warm up routine that only takes 3 minutes to get you ready for exercise please see the link below and is great if you have been sitting a lot and then go and run or walk a lot


If you are getting pain, please remember that it is always best to get it checked. We are currently open and taking constant precautions to maintain our clinic as a safe environment. Make a booking either at the clinic or online just email us at [email protected] or call 89669300.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

P.S – Feel free to share to anyone with a bunion or a sore big toe.