Fungal Nails

Do you struggle with fungal or discoloured nails? Experience the effectiveness of our state-of-the-art laser therapy, without any negative side effects.

Do your nails look like this

fungal nails
Laser therapy?
  • Frustrated with no luck in clearing up your nails?
  • Concerned about adverse side effects on your liver from medications?
  • Disappointed by ineffective ointments?
  • Want a better solution?

Say goodbye to fungal nail infections and hello to beautiful, healthy nails with our advanced laser treatment.

Here's why it's the ultimate choice
  • Widely considered the most effective treatment around
  • No need for pesky medications with nasty side effects
  • No creams or ointments needed, saving you months of hassle
  • Completely painless treatment fora stress-free experience
  • Not only kills fungus, but promotes healthy nail growth
  • Safe, effective, and guaranteed to leave you feeling confident
  • Get your life back and finally say farewell to that pesky fungal infection
  • This treatment is widely regarded as the most effective option available, boasting an impressive effectiveness rate of up to 80%. In comparison, creams fall short with effectiveness below 15%, while oral medication reaches only 30% effectiveness. It’s worth noting that oral medication also carries risks of negative side effects on the liver. (J Fungi (Basel).2015 Jun; 1(1): 44–54.)
Why is our advanced laser considered the most effective treatment for fungal toenails?

Laser is a major advancement in the treatment of fungal nail infections with an over 80% success rate, as published in clinical trials. Laser light is used to penetrate the nail plate, destroying the fungus in a series of treatments without damaging the nail or the skin around it. The procedure is pain-free and there are no side effects. After the treatment, the nail is able to grow out free of infection. Our laser is considered the most powerful on the market.

  • Pain free
  • Kills fungus and stimulates healthy nail growth
  • Safe for kids and diabetics
  • Reduces the risk of infection and passing it onto others
  • No need for harmful medications
  • Fast treatment times, appointments are less than 20 minutes.

The Three Steps To Curing Your Fungal Nails

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2. Our Fungal Nail Assessment includes

  • We assess your discoloured/ Fungal nails
  • We take you through a potential treatment plan
  • Smooth down the nails (doesn’t hurt)
  • Use our advanced laser to treat and kill of the fungus

3 .It's time to take back control and rock those sandals with confidence.

Say goodbye to fungal nail problems.

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