Why Choose Us?

Experience Freedom from Pain

Our goal is to help you break free from pain and regain your active lifestyle. With our specialised treatments, you can enjoy being active without any restrictions.

No Need for Orthotics

Unlike other treatments, we provide solutions that eliminate the need for orthotics. You can finally wear the shoes you love without any discomfort.

Treating Bunions Without Surgery

We are proud to offer bunion treatment options that do not require surgery. Trust our expertise to take care of your bunion concerns effectively.

World Class Laser Therapy

We have two state of the art lasers that are effective for pain relief for any type of musculoskeletal pain such as heel pain or nerve pain.

Standard benefits

  • Non-invasive and pain-free treatment
  • Stimulates endorphins for natural pain relief
  • Enhances tissue repair and promotes faster healing
  • Get back to doing the activities you love sooner
  • Enjoy less stress and discomfort from foot pain
  • Say No to Drugs or Surgery

The Three Steps To Curing Your Foot Problem

1. Book your 65% OFF Expert Foot Assessment By One of Our Podiatrists

2. Our foot assessment includes

  • Initial consultation
  • Biomechanical Examination
  • Gait Analysis
  • Diagnosis and Explanation of the underlying cause of your foot problem
  • Your Personalised Treatment Plan

3 .Take charge of your personalised treatment plan

Say goodbye to foot problems, all without the use of orthotics or the need for surgery. Get ready to take action and reclaim your happy feet!

We believe in natural healing methods and prioritise non-invasive treatments. By choosing us, you can avoid the burden of drugs or surgery. Our laser can break the pain cycle, speed healing and regenerate the nerves in the area.

Who We are

With over 22 years of experience, we have successfully served over 20,000 individuals across Sydney. We take pride in offering unique and exclusive services that are not widely available.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Podiatrist – Manly Vale

Daniel is a highly experienced podiatrist who has been treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions for over 22 years.

Daniel’s particular passion is for the conservative treatment of bunions, and he has written a best-selling book on the subject. He also offers unique services that are not widely available, making Sydney Foot Solutions one of the most sought-after clinics in Sydney.