Most people think that surgery is the only way to treat a bunion, and if your bunion isn’t bad enough for surgery, then you just have to wait — there’s ‘nothing you can do.’

This isn’t true!

Surgery is the only option once your bunion gets to a certain degree. The joint will become more degenerative, which will eventually lead to painful arthritis.

Pain is usually the last thing you feel with a bunion. In fact, studies suggest that in most musculoskeletal conditions, you only feel the last seven per cent of the degenerative process. (In fact you could be getting osteoarthritis and not know it!)

Deviation of a big toe (or a bunion) affects balance and can have a major effect on the way your muscles fire up your leg, which in turn can lead to all sorts of problems — knee and back pain especially.

The earlier you treat your bunion, the less it costs and the better the outcome!


Benefits of conservative treatment

Conservative treatment does not involve invasive surgery, but rather a course of gentle foot manipulation supported by specific foot and leg exercises.

Conservative treatment:

  • can improve the alignment of the bunion
  • hydrates the joint, slowing the degenerative process
  • is not at all painful
  • gives long-term changes
  • strengthens relevant muscles
  • improves walking and running
  • does not restrict the types of shoes you wear
  • Does not have to restrict activity.


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