When Does a Bunion Become a Problem

If you have a bunion and are unsure about when to get it treated, make sure you watch this video.

Video Transcript:

When do bunions become a problem? Now, this is a really good question. The reality is is that you may go through your entire life with a massive, whopping bunion and not get any pain. And if you do, well, well done and you’re one of the lucky people. Unfortunately, pain is usually the last symptom that we see with most bunions that we see and assess here in the clinic, and we see thousands of them every year. And the reason we see them is, not because I’m so clever, it’s just because there’s not much alternative available until you need surgery. Keep in mind that surgery is very much the last resort. And what we can offer is a level of conservative care that can manage, limit the progress of your bunion, actually start to straighten up the big toe in many respects, we can also improve the way you stand and the way you walk, thus addressing the underlying cause. So, in terms of when a bunion becomes a problem, I would say that you should really look at getting a bunion treated when it becomes a problem- technically, as soon as you see one and that can be as early as twelve years old. So, most people will say ‘my bunion doesn’t hurt me so I’m not going to do anything about it’, just be aware that if you choose not to get treatment it may cause degenerative change within the joint and may turn osteoarthritic. Keep in mind, when we see an osteoarthritic joint, it is often usually very painful and swollen. We can definitely manage it; we can definitely help it but it’s not reversable. So please be aware of that. I would encourage you, if you do have a bunion, or if you know someone with a bunion, I would get it assessed as soon as possible. We’ve got a 65% off initial assessment offer, just for your bunion. Make sure you give us a call on 8966 9300 or go to alternativefootsolutions.com.au and put your details in there. Until then, walk pain free.