Do you get pain in your feet when you wear thongs? Do you spend your summer in runners as a result? Do you buy expensive thongs to try to reduce the pain in your feet? Don’t worry — we can help you get rid of the pain and make the most of summer. Just follow these simple exercises:

3 easy steps to wearing beach thongs without pain.

  1. Tennis ball exercise

The tennis ball exercise is a great way to loosen the muscles on the bottom of your feet. When you wear thongs, these muscles have to work harder and start to tighten up, which is a common cause of foot pain related to thongs.

  • Roll the ball on the bottom of your foot from heel to toe for 60 seconds. You want to put enough pressure through the ball, so it feels like you’re getting a nice firm massage.
  • Now roll the ball in circles for 20 seconds each at the ball and toes of the foot, the middle of the foot and the heel of the foot. Do this at least twice a day but do it more if you can — the more the better.


  1. Saying your prayers exercise

This exercise is a great one to not only loosen the muscles on the bottom of your feet, but also the muscles that run up to the bottom of your toes. A lot of people wearing thongs scrunch their toes to hold onto the thongs and this will tighten these muscles, leading to pain.

  • Kneel on the ground and tuck your toes under your feet so the tops of your toes face up. Now sit back towards your heels. If your bottom sits on your heels, great, if not just go as far as you can. You should feel a strong stretch on the bottom of your toes and feet.
  • Hold for 20 seconds and then sit out of the stretch, repeat this stretch 3 times in a row at least twice a day. You can do this stretch as often as you like throughout the day — the more the better.



  1. Toe crunches

Most people who suffer pain while wearing thongs don’t have enough muscular support in the foot, and the thongs don’t provide enough support either. You could buy thongs with more support, but then you will rely on that support for ever. If you strengthen your foot muscles, then you don’t have to worry about support in your shoes.

  • To do the toe crunches, stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart, with your knees slightly bent. Roll out onto the side of your feet and clench your toes. Hold for 3 seconds then relax.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times and do at least twice a day.



These exercises should help most people to to wear thongs without foot pain. If you try these exercises and still suffer from foot pain while wearing thongs, you may need some additional help. At Sydney Foot Solutions we are experts at helping people treat foot pain without orthotics or surgery. Right now, we are offering a free assessment to the first five people who mention this blog when booking an assessment.

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