How can treating your feet help your lower back pain?

Your feet are your body’s contact with the ground — they are the platform that supports the rest of your body. To use an analogy of a building, if the bottom of the building is not stable, the rest of the building is structurally unsound.

As the children’s song goes — the foot bone is connected to the shin bone, the shin bone is connected to the thigh bone, which in turn is connected to the pelvis and lower back. With the bones stacked on top of each other along the leg, if you change how one functions, it stands to reason that the others will change how they function as well.

Another connection is through fascia. This is a connective tissue that supports the body. There are connections within the fascia from the bottom of your foot, up the back of your legs and into the pelvis and lower back. The connections then continue up your spine to your head. Again, if you change one section of fascia it can cause changes to the rest of the chain of fascia.

Most people come to see us at Sydney Foot Solutions for problems with their feet, but a lot of people suffer from lower back pain at the same time. Many patients tell us that as their feet get better and better, they also experience a decrease in their lower back pain.

So, through the above connections, we are able to help people decrease the pain and manage the symptoms of lower back pain by treating their feet.

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