Morton Neuroma

Do You suffer with Morton Neuroma? Check out this top tip. Hope you are well and coping with life and if your home schooling my commiserations!

I wanted to share with you a common patient story I had in the clinic a couple of weeks ago. So I had one our great patients in named Mary came in with a Morton’s neuroma flare up and it was super sore! The neuroma was even waking her at night.

We hadn’t seen Mary for a while and she said that the neuroma had been great after her initial treatment however she had been walking like crazy and had missed a few appointments over the last couple of months.

We went over a couple of things and mobilised Marys foot and she reported a significant improvement in pain with in a week. This is usually a the case if people have had treatment before and in usually comes down to mobilizing the ankle and loosening the calves which takes pressure of where the neuroma sits.

So, the take away’s here are:

  • Everyone gets busy particularly at the moment and skips appointments for a whole range of reasons.
  • If you have sore feet often they need a grease and oil change so to speak so that you can keep being active
  • If you have done treatment with us before the turn around to get an improvement is often quick

The best exercise for a neuroma is say your prayers if you have a Morton’s neuroma I would give this a try.

Saying Your Prayers

Why do this exercise?
This exercise helps to stretch the tissues through the bottom of your feet and extends the motion of your toes. How to do this exercise:

  1. Kneel on the ground, curl your toes under and turn your ankles out so that all of your toes are in contact with the ground.
  2. Slowly lower yourself so that your bottom is resting on your feet (if possible).
    How often?

Hold for 20 seconds / 2 x a day times.

NOTE: Knees can be placed on a pillow or cushion for comfort and/or support

Below is a link to a video where Dan shows you how to do say your prayers

If you are getting pain, please remember that it is always best to get it checked. We are currently open and taking constant precautions to maintain our clinic as a safe environment. Make a booking either at the clinic or online just email us at [email protected] or call 89669300.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

P.S – Feel free to anyone with a Morton neuroma.