Footwear Choice

Your choice of footwear is vital to maintaining healthy feet and legs, particularly if you plan to increase your level of activity. Generally speaking, there are three foot types that we need to be aware of when buying and fitting footwear. This is a very general description. When treating patients in my podiatry clinic, I am far more specific, so if you are unsure of your foot type or appropriate sports footwear just make an appointment and we can address your individual needs.
Remember! The fit of the shoe is vital, so when you buy shoes, always get your feet measured while you are standing up. If the shoe shop doesn’t measure your foot, go somewhere that does. When you buy sports shoes, always go up by a half to a full size beyond your foot measurement.

Pronated Foot Type (Low Arch)

When buying sports shoes, if you pronate, or your foot rolls inwards, you need a shoe that is classed in the stability range. Your foot type needs support when you exercise and cushioning is not as important. The sports shoe should be firm through the heel, and should not twist through the middle of the shoe. It should flex only toward the front 3/4 of the shoe (where your big toe bends). This will provide better support, the shoe will last longer and you will be much less prone to injury.

Sports shoes in this category would include:

Sports Shoes For Low Arches

Neutral Foot Type (Medium Height Arch)

If you have a medium height arch, you need a sports shoe in the neutral range – one that still has a significant level of support but doesn’t have the same density of materials through the inside of the shoe where your arch sits. Neutral foot types still need some support, and cushioning is helpful too. A neutral range shoe is usually still quite firm through the heel, it doesn’t twist through the midfoot and it has more flex through the front 3/4 of the shoe.

Sports shoes in this category would include:

Sports Shoes For Medium Arches

Supinated Foot Type (High Arch)

Feet in this range have a high arch. These feet are naturally poor shock absorbers and there is generally not enough movement through the foot joints. Generally, the Supinated foot type requires a sports shoe with a high level of cushioning that actually promotes more movement in the foot.

Sports shoes in this category include:

Sports Shoes For High Arches

Choose Wisely and Come and See Us

We do not get any kickbacks from any shoe company; the above is honest opinion. The shoes listed are not necessarily the best possible shoes for your foot. Get your feet measured and choose a shoe that fits. When buying shoes, I recommend you buy from a retailer that will take the shoes back if need be. Then, make an appointment with Sydney Foot Solutions and we will check the shoes for you both in size and function on your foot.

More Fitness Tips Coming

Over the coming updates we will be covering topics on stretching, exercise routines to get you started and more.

Make sure you put your best foot (and shoe) forward this summer. Call us now – we’re here to advise you.