Do you suffer from clawed digits or hammer toes? Do the tops of your toes rub on the tops of your shoes and get sore? The problem is that if this is not treated, eventually, the only way you’ll be able to straighten your toes is surgery. Not to mention that the only shoes you’ll be able to wear will be extra-depth clodhoppers or a pair of nana shoes.

At Sydney Foot Solutions, we have over 12 years’ experience in straightening clawed digits and hammer toes without surgery and painlessly. The great part is that you can keep wearing the shoes you love. Not to mention, keep doing any activities you wish. The other issue we see regularly is that if the problem is not addresses as soon as possible, surgery becomes the only option, and surgical outcomes from this procedure can be poor and quite debilitating. Our treatment is a gentle hands-on technique that takes the joints of your feet back to their original position, and we combine this with quick simple exercises. Make sure you watch on because we’re going to give you some great tips to fix your clawed digits or hammer toes forever.

Top tip number one, The Say Your Prayers Exercise. This exercise will help to loosen the structures under the foot, allowing your toes to straighten. Be careful if you have knee problems. If you’re not sure, I suggest you come in for an assessment, and we can tailor a treatment specific to your needs. For The Say Your Prayers Exercise, place a pillow on the ground, so you’ll be kneeling down onto your knees. You’re tucking your toes underneath your feet, and lean back onto your hills. You hold this stretch for up to 20 seconds. If it hurts too much, stop at the point where it starts to hurt too much. The stretch is over. You’re doing this exercise twice a day, and you should see differences after three to four weeks.

Top tip number two, The Tennis Ball Exercise. This exercise will help loosen the joints of your feet and remove restrictions that have occurred the day before. This will help the natural lubricants of your joints flow through the relevant areas and stimulates blood flow in the area. Sit on the edge of a chair with the tennis ball underneath your toes. Roll the tennis ball from your toes to your hill, applying as much pressure as you can tolerate. Do this for 60 seconds. Then, roll the ball around in small circles on your forefoot from your toes to underneath the ball of your foot. Now, roll the ball around in small circles on your arch. Then, roll the ball around in small circles around your hill. Roll the ball around on each of the three sections of your foot for 20 seconds. Repeat the above process on the other foot. You should do this exercise morning and night for three weeks.

Top tip number three, Get Assessed, and see how Sydney Foot Solutions can help you. We specialize in gently guiding the joints back to their original position and regularly treat this problem with great success. In most cases, we help people avoid surgery. As a special limited offer to anyone with clawed digits, we are offering a free assessment to anyone who mentions this video. This is normally valued at a hundred dollars, and is only valid for the next month, and available to the first 20 people to contact the clinic.

Call us on 8966-9300 or email [email protected]. Remember, if you don’t fix this, you may not be able to wear the shoes you love down the track.