Netball shoes

What to look for:

  • a firm heel counter (the back part of the shoe) that will give the ankle and the foot more support and stabilise landing
  • there should be no twist through the middle of the shoe
  • the shoe should naturally bend at the toe
  • a non-slip surface on the outsole
  • the shoe needs to be sport specific.

The shoe below is the Gel Net burner by Asics and retails for $170. This shoe has all the features and is Asics middle of the range shoe. Anything thing in Asics net burner range is a great netball shoe in my opinion and there are a number of options depending upon position, level and age.

Asics Gel Net Burner

Where to go:

The Athlete’s Foot have a full range and will happily order in shoes if they don’t have your size.

Football boots

Football boots have really evolved over the last few years. There’s no excuse for having sore feet because of a lack of padding or support, or from the studs coming through and causing blistering. The two companies that have led the charge are Asics and Blades. Whether its rugby league, rugby union or football/soccer (we don’t want to offend anyone) these boots will have your needs covered. If you are still not sure, give us a call for an assessment, bring your boots in and we will analyse your gait in the boots.

What to look for:

  • support at the heel. This will help to reduce foot and ankle injury—not to mention helping you run faster
  • cushioning in the midsole (watch the video to locate the midsole of the shoe) will reduce pressure from the studs or cleats
  • moulded vs screw-in studs: I would suggest moulded studs in most cases, unless you play rugby and need the extra traction in rucks, mauls and scrums. Moulded studs are generally more comfortable to play in
  • the shoe should bend only where you’re big toe bends, and not at the middle of the shoe (see the video). This will provide greater stability to your gait when running, and better balance especially when you are on one foot.

Below is the Gel Lethal Ultimate and retails for $220 in the adults range. It also comes in a child version for $120. There are a number of models in the Asics lethal range of different sizes all have great support and much better cushioning than a regular boot.

Gel Lethal Ultimate


Below is an example of a great rugby boot particulaurly if you play tight five. Its called the Gel Lethal tight five its not cheap and retails for $260. There are models down from this that are still really good boots.

Gel Lethal tight five


Where to go:

The Athletes Foot have a full range and will happily order in shoes in your size if they do not have them.


Touch Boots

These have very similar requirements to football boots; however, look for more cushioning in the midsole in a touch boot. We recommend the shoe listed below. It comes in women’s and men’s sizes and is sold at The Athletes Foot. Asics has put a lot of research and development into their shoes this year.

Below is a great touch boot in the women’s this boot is packed with features that you normally see in higher end runners. The name is the Gel Elite 6 by Asics and retails for $120.

Gel Elite 6


We believe it is essential that you choose the right footwear for your sport— so much so, that we are offering a free assessment for all netball, touch and football players until the end of the month, as we lead into the season. This offer is limited to the first 10 people to book.

So call now on 8966 9300.

We are not aligned with any shoe manufacturers or retailers. We offer our own opinion and advice as part of providing a greater level of care for our patients.