Do you suffer from heel pain in the mornings?

In the video below, Daniel explains what causes heel pain in the morning, some simple tips on how to relieve it, and also how we can help you fix this pain long term. 

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Transcript of video:

Do you get a sore heel in the morning and wonder why? So, I’ll tell you exactly why. So, make sure you watch all of this video because I’m going to tell you why and what you can do about it and how you can address it long term.

So, heel pain primarily is happening because of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is because you get some micro tears through your plantar fascia, through this area, over a period of time, by the way you stand and the way you walk, and also tight calf muscles. So, the reason you get so sore in the mornings is because of two reasons. One is because you get tight in your calf muscle and it increases the level of tension through that area while you sleep. So that’s why you get quite stiff and sore in the mornings, in most cases, or in many cases, I should say.

The other reason is because you’ve got this damage through that area, your body says, ‘great they’re asleep, let’s send lots of blood down to the area to try and heel the area.’ Unfortunately, the seven or eight hours of sleep that you do sleep isn’t enough to fix the area. So, you wake up and it’s a bit like stepping on a big bruise and it can be quite sore when you press on those areas, because it’s quite inflamed and it sort of irritates the nerves. The reason you feel better after you’ve walked a few steps, one you loosen up your calf muscles just a little bit, so it’s a really good idea to stretch your calves if you’re interested in that. The other reason is that what happens is, you increase your circulatory flow as you walk. So, by walking, your muscles basically kick in and you kick in that circulatory flow and you basically start to clear that level of inflammatory response.

So, one thing I would say is, try and stretch your calves like crazy, three times a day for 30 seconds. If you’re not sure, go to alternativefootsolutions.com.au, we’ve got some great videos on how to and self-help tips on there. If that doesn’t work for three weeks, then I would strongly suggest that you book in an assessment and address the underlying cause. We know that if it doesn’t go away in about three weeks that you need professional advice. So,  we are offering a 65% off initial assessment offer. That we will Basically we will check out your heel pain, check out your foot pain and talk about how we address the underlying cause long term.