The before X ray below is taken from a working Mum named Paula who came to see us in regards to her bunion. She was concerned that she would have to consider surgery in the future and had heard bad reports from friends and family. Up on assessment we sent for a weight bearing x ray to check the underlying cause and what was happening in the joint. This is what we got back.


As you can see Paula’s bunion is a 26 degrees! (A straight toe is 15).

At this point we started a course of foot mobilisation in conjunction with strengthening exercises. We had to be time efficient because Paula is a working mum with 2 children so time was limited. Paula was very compliant because she really didn’t want surgery.


This is what came back. The change was quiet significant and the big toe angle had changed to just under 16 degrees in just a couple of months. What’s even better because we have addressed the underlying cause and strengthened the relevant muscles we expect the bunion to stay straight and No need for surgery in the future.