Do your feet hurt and stop you exercising? Has this caused you to put on weight? People know when they need to lose weight, and exercise is a big part of weight loss. We have a number of patients who come to see us because their foot pain is limiting their exercise, and therefore affecting their weight. Believe it or not, I think it is one of the most common complaints amongst our patients and I would hear it on a daily basis.

I want to talk to you about one of our wonderful patients. This is Gretchen. Gretchen is a mother of three boys and has a larger than life personality. She originally attended Sydney Foot Solutions in relation to chronic heel pain. This was not only affecting her ability to exercise, it was affecting her quality of life and causing weight gain. Gretchen had previously consulted other practitioners and received orthotics, but her success was extremely limited, and as a result wasn’t exercising at all when we met. Not to mention she was unable to fit her orthotics in her regular shoes.

Gretchen was attracted to our treatment due to the fact that foot mobilization addresses the underlying cause, but also there was no restriction placed on footwear. We performed an assessment, and then in Gretchen’s case referred on for further examination via x-rays to allow us to properly diagnose the underlying cause.

Within four weeks of treatment Gretchen was noticing improvement and could actually start to exercise regularly. Shortly after we started to notice a considerable difference in Gretchen’s body shape, and when asked she informed us that she had been exercising regularly and eating well. At last count, I believe Gretchen had lost 20 kilos, which I think is pretty amazing considering where she came from.

This is an inspiration for us all and I can’t credit Gretchen enough for her life-changing results through this process. Despite the increase in activity Gretchen is no longer wearing orthotics at all and can choose from a variety of shoes which she can wear comfortably.

I find it staggering how many people have a story similar to Gretchen’s story. We would hate for anyone to miss out on the opportunity to be able to exercise freely and lose weight without having to wear orthotics, and not wear the shoes that they love. To assist this we are offering a free assessment to anyone who wants better health from the feet up. Just mention this video and we are happy to perform an assessment that we would normally charge a hundred dollars for. This offer is only valid for the next month and to the first 20 people to book.

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