Meet Jenny

Jenny is a busy working mum from the Hills district who came to see us out of desperation. Jenny has tried several treatments over the years, including orthotics, without success.


One Saturday morning, she finally decided she had had enough of her foot pain, and she came in for an assessment at our Manly Vale clinic. She made the journey from the Hills because we do something different to the average podiatrist.


We assessed Jenny, who was extremely pleasant despite being in pain. Jenny was an ideal patient for our treatment, so we sent off for a weight-bearing X-ray that revealed some significant structural issues with Jenny’s feet. These issues were the underlying cause of her pain, and needed to be addressed.


We started a course of foot mobilisation and, despite being extremely busy and living at a distance, Jenny was super compliant and responded very well to our treatment.


After 12 weeks, we took another X-ray and found that not only had Jenny’s pain reduced significantly, but there had been significant structural change in her feet.


Why is this important?


When we treat people, we always focus on the underlying cause. Most foot problems we see are usually caused by the misalignment of the foot and ankle. If we address this misalignment and then strengthen the relevant muscles to support the improved alignment, we address the underlying cause of the foot pain. The great thing is that the change is long term — and all without orthotics, without drugs and without changing your shoes!