As we rapidly approach the festive running season we are getting more and more enquiries about running shoes for foot types. So we’ve done the work for you. The shoes below are all stocked at the Athletes Foot and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you with any purchases. What is great is that you can buy the shoes and get us to assess you in the shoe and they will happily refund or exchange if there are any problems with the shoe.

The shoes below haven’t been selected by price so they aren’t necessarily the cheapest shoes on the rack. There are a number of models below the shoes shown if you feel that these are above what you wish to spend. I’m the first to agree that shoes are overpriced but I do believe that when it comes to footwear, if you pay more you generally get more. The shoes shown are the women’s model but the equivalent in men’s are just as good.

Also, if you aren’t sure what foot type you are, I suggest you book in for an assessment and one of our clinicians will be able to tell you in no time. Make sure you read on for the great offer at the end of this blog.

PRONATED or Low Arch height

MIZUNO- Paradox $179.95

We have had great feedback for this shoe and Mizuno has a great range this season. The technology in this shoe makes it very supportive but still super light. This seems to be Mizuno’s signature at the moment.
run shoe 1

ASICS – Kayano $249.95

This is ASICS top shoe for a pronator, and has always been consistent with great feedback from patients. The models below in price range are great shoes too.

run shoe 2

BROOKS- Addiction $219.95

The highest selling shoe for pronators on the market I’m told and very reliable. A more supportive shoe and usually preferred by men because it’s a little heavier than the other 2 models (only slightly though). Comes in a plain white and black too, which is an excellent choice as a work shoe for someone who needs extra support.
run shoe 3

NEUTRAL or mid arch height

SAUCONY- Triumph -$239.95

If you haven’t heard of Saucony that’s because they make great shoes but aren’t great at marketing their products. Saucony is a very well-known brand in running circles and their designs are excellent.

run shoe 4

MIZUNO – Sayonara $179.95

Is a great all round lightweight shoe. Particularly good for females due to the technology used in the shoe that makes it lightweight. Is great for most feet that we see and female patients have great feedback. Not the softest or most cushioned feel but it’s meant to give more proprioception (your nerves telling your brain where your foot is when you run).

run shoe 5

ASICS – Gel Nimbus $239.95

Another very reliable shoe. Has more cushioning than the shoes above so a slightly softer feel.

run shoe 6

SUPINATED or High Arch

BROOKS – Glycerine

Another shoe that is very good for supinators. Very durable and great cushioning which is what a high arch needs.

run shoe 7

BROOKS- Transcend $279.95

This is Brooks’ top shoe. Has extra support on both sides so can actually be used for most foot types. Probably the best structural shoe on the market and supports every foot type. Also one of the most expensive shoes on the market.

run shoe 8

We believe it is essential that you choose the right footwear for your running or walking— so much so, that we are offering a free assessment so you get the shoe that supports your needs. This offer is limited to the first 10 people to book.

So call now on 8966 9300.

We are not aligned with any shoe manufacturers or retailers. We offer our own opinion and advice as part of providing a greater level of care for our patients.