If you suffer from heel pain when walking barefoot, make sure you check out the video below.


Transcript of video:

Why do I get pain in my heel when I walk barefoot? If you get this, make sure you watch this video. So, the reason is, is that when you walk in shoes or structured footwear it’s elevating your heel and giving you more support. So, the problem is, when you walk barefoot, or not a problem, it’s just the reality, is that you are walking a bit more freely, so you’re walking without support. The great news is, is that we can help with that. We can actually improve the way you stand and the way you walk, with or without a shoe. If you’re interested, make sure you make the most of our initial assessment offer. For a limited time, it’s 65% off an initial offer, that’s $35 for a heel pain assessment, where we can address the underlying cause of your pain, so you can walk barefoot pain free. Until then, walk pain free.