Netball shoes what to look for :

A firm heel counter – will give the ankle and the foot more support and stabilize landing.

Shouldn’t twist through the middle of the shoe The shoe should naturally bend at the toe Get a surface on the outsole that won’t slip – shoe needs to be sports specific. This year Asics have taken this one step further and released their models specific to the position you play make sure you read one and check out what you should be wearing for your position.

Gel-netburner super 6 (attack/defense)

good netball shoes

This is a shoe that has been specifically designed for attack and defense positions it allows for the player to pivot in a superior fashion due to the design of the forefoot of the shoe. A feature I like it even has a bunion window so there’s limited irritation to the big toe. Still has a great level of support in the rear foot.

Gel-netburner professional 12 (centre)

best netball shoes 2021

This is a shoe specifically designed for someone playing centre it is super light and designed for large amounts of movement during a game. Still has adequate support which is essential for a game like netball.

Gel-netburner ballistic MT (all court shoe)

best netball shoes australia

This is an all court shoe designed for all positions and is designed for more support at the ankle.

We believe it’s vital you get the right footwear for your sport so much so we are offering a free assessment for all netball players till the end of the month and leading into the season. This offer is limited to the first 10 to book. So call now on 89669300.