I want you to meet Liza . When she attend our clinic she wasn’t able to exercise at all and was in constant pain when she was on her feet .

She wanted to be more active but just couldn’t do anything due to significant pain that was holding hers back. She had been in pain for months of not years before she came to see us.

If I m honest her pain was so bad and her feet were in such bad shape we weren’t 100 % sure we were going to be able to get her to a point where she would be 100% free. But she was desperate!!!! As her foot pain was affecting her quality of life.

So we sent for a weight bearing x ray of her feet to measure the level of misalignment and double check that the source of her pain was mainly in her soft tissues.

We go the x ray back and found that the source of her pain was mainly due to a significant misalignment of her joints that was leading to her foot moving around like a loose bag of bones. In turn this was flaring up a number of soft tissues around these joints.

So we started a course of foot mobilization that also included regular acupuncture. The foot mobilization was a gentle hands on technique to correct the alignment of her feet to a more positive position that would in turn correct the underlying cause of her pain pain. The acupuncture was used to promote healing and reduce her pain faster.

After the initial phase of treatment we touched base with her and re x rayed. She reported that her pain had reduced significantly she was even walking on the beach without pain!!!

The x ray showed that there had been a massive change in the structures of her feet! We were thrilled on 2 fronts

  1. That she was out of pain !
  2. That we have improved the alignment of her feet so addressed the underlying cause long term.

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