Whether its rugby league, rugby union or football/Soccer (don’t want to offend anyone) these boots will have your needs covered. If your still not sure give us a call for an assessment and bring your boots in and we will analyse your gait in the boots.

What to look for in a football boot

Support at the heel – will help to reduce injury through foot and ankle, not to mention will help you run faster Cushioning in the mid sole – demonstrated in the video where the mid sole of the shoe- will reduce pressure from the studs or cleats Moulded vs screw in – I would suggest moulded in most case unless you play rugby and need the extra traction, i.e. rucks, mauls and scums. The reason is that moulded is more comfortable generally speaking.

Shoe shouldn’t bend at the middle of the shoe only where your big toe bends (is demonstrated in video) – this will give greater stability during gait when running and better balance especially when you are on one foot.

Gel Lethal ultimate IGS

Is my top pick for support and cushioning if your happy to wear a moulded stud. Can be used for any of the codes including touch. Only position that it wouldn’t be relevant for is if you were playing in tight 5 for rugby not as good for scrummaging.

Gel Lethal ultimate IGS

Gel-lethal Tigreor 9 ST

Good boot if you play soccer or in the backs in the other codes and want a screw in stud. Very light but doesn’t have as much cushioning of the shoe above.

Gel-Lethal Tight Five

Top of the line boot specific to the tight forwards in rugby. This boot is the top of the line but the models below are still very good.

Gel- Lethal Tight five

Anything in the Asics range is much better in design than anything else I’ve seen by the other major brands so even if you don’t buy one of the shoes above Asics whole range has been well designed. They appear to put a lot more work into the design of the boots as opposed to other brands that lack substance. If you’re not sure after you buy your boots why not make the most of the offer below and get us to check them to make sure there right for your foot and avoid injury.

We believe it’s vital you get the right footwear for your sport so much so we are offering a free assessment for all football players till the end of the month and leading into the season. This offer is limited to the first 10 to book. So call now on 89669300.