What is a bunion?

A bunion is essentially a bony protrusion from the inner side of the foot at the base or join of the big toe. Bunions can cause foot pain when walking, joint pain and redness, irritated skin around the bunion, and can cause the big toe to angle inwards towards the other toes. Bunion symptoms get worse over time.

Foot mobilisation therapy – the non-invasive answer to bunions

In many cases foot mobilisation can be an effective alternative podiatry therapy for bunions. Foot mobilisation is a painless, gentle hands-on approach that involves straightening the big toe by realigning and strengthening specific areas of the foot.

The treatment does not remove any bony prominence or bump, but it does address the underlying cause of the bunion and corrects the toe. This podiatric therapy brings gradual improvement over time. During the healing process your activities and your choice of shoes are not limited.

How does foot mobilisation therapy work?

  1. As your podiatrist, I use foot mobilisation therapy to gently and painlessly take the joints of your feet through their natural range of motion that actually corrects their position.
  2. I then teach you a few quick and easy podiatry exercises to strengthen the relevant structures and muscles in your feet. The exercises generally take no more than five minutes a day and most can be done while you do something else, like take a shower.
  3. Unlike orthotics, which are effective only when in use, foot mobilisation therapy changes the structure of your feet—so you’re healing every minute of the day.

How do I know if foot mobilisation therapy will work for me?

  1. Book an initial podiatric assessment (of about 20 minutes) with me at Sydney Foot Solutions to assess if foot mobilisation therapy is the best option for you.
  2. If we need more information we may send you for further examinations (such as an x-ray).
  3. I always recommend the appropriate treatment that will fit in with your lifestyle.

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