Meet Maria.

Maria is a busy mum who initially came to see us due to severe pain in her feet. The pain was so bad in her toe joints, particularly her big toes, that she could only wear one pair of shoes, her runners. Even wearing these sports shoes, Maria could not walk for more than 15 minutes without experiencing pain.


During our assessment, we could feel that Maria’s toe joints were all starting to stiffen and claw and that the muscles in her foot and leg were tightening up due to her compensating so much because of the pain.

We sent Maria for some weight-bearing X-rays of her feet to measure the level of misalignment and to assess the level of wear and tear occurring within her joints.

The X-rays showed that there was a significant level of misalignment causing Maria to compensate when she walked. There was also a level of osteoarthritis within her toe joints, which if left untreated, would eventually take over her joints.

We commenced a course of foot mobilisation along with some foot strengthening exercises. Foot mobilisation is a gentle hands-on technique that corrects the level of alignment within the foot and helps to loosen up stiff joints. The foot strengthening exercises helped to hold the changes the mobilisations effected.

After our initial phase of treatment, we sent Maria for another weight-bearing X-ray and then touched base to discuss the results. Maria was happy to report she was pain free, wearing heels again and was even running again after years of not being able to walk without pain!


The X-rays also showed a significant improvement in her overall alignment as well, so we were absolutely thrilled with the overall result.

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