Heel pain can be severely limiting and, if left untreated, can impact your activity — even your ability to do simple day-to-day tasks.


Meet Sarah, a busy professional here in the CBD. Sarah came to see us as she was experiencing severe arch and ankle pain whenever she played netball, ran or did anything active. The pain was getting worse and Sarah was worried that it would stop her from doing the activities that she loved.

During her initial assessment, it was apparent that Sarah was suffering a lot as just touching her feet and ankles caused her pain. We sent her for some weight-bearing X-rays to measure the level of misalignment within her feet, which would enable us to address the underlying cause of her foot pain.

Sarah’s X-rays showed a high level of misalignment within her feet, which was causing her to compensate when she walked. We prescribed a course of foot mobilisation — a treatment that involves gentle hands-on techniques to correct the misalignment. We then combined this with some foot strengthening exercises to support these corrections.

At Sarah’s final review, she was happy to report she was back running and playing netball pain free! With the reduction in pain, Sarah has also been able to increase her activity levels as she is now more comfortable in a wider variety of shoes than she has been in a very long time. We were delighted to see such a significant improvement in Sarah’s overall alignment.

If you are like Sarah and want to eliminate foot pain so you can be active again, click the link below to make an initial booking for just $35, usually valued at $100.