This is completely untrue sand is an unstable surface and if you have an unstable/poor functioning foot it will generally make it worse. By all means once you fix the underlying cause of the problem walk or run on sand as much as you like. But first you need to fix the way your foot functions foot mobilization is the best way I’ve seen to do this because it corrects the underlying cause intrinsically without being reliant on orthotics (which you’re probably not going to wear on sand anyway).

I can see the attraction to spending time on the beach why wouldn’t people want to we live in the best place in the world to walk on the beach.

The Problem with Sand

Exercising on sand is a great way to tone muscles and increase fitness. However, sand is unstable, and when we walk on an unstable surface, our intrinsic lower limb stabilizers have to work much harder. This is fine if you take a couple of precautions to compensate.

In my experience, most people go from exercising regularly on a stable surface to attempting similar activities on sand without giving their feet time to adapt.

Another issue is that the muscles in their feet are not strong enough to cope with this stress. This commonly results in shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, calf pain and tightness, plantar fasciitis to name a few.

If you do any activity on sand here’s what I would recommend. The first is to stretch you calves after activity on sand. Sand tends to tighten the structures of your lower limb to help avoid tightness stretching after rather than before will help to avoid injury.

How to stretch your calves

sore feet after walking on sand

How Often?

Perform 4 times after activity on sand / Hold stretch for 30 seconds
Try to do these exercises 4x on each leg and hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

2) Get your feet checked

If you still feel discomfort or find sandy surfaces difficult after following the above instructions, seek some professional advice sand will not help you if you have foot pain it will only make it worse. We can address the underlying cause without orthotics so that you can walk or run on sand as much as you like—forever!

Call 89669300 if you get sore feet after doing activity on sand and book an appointment so that you can keep walking on sand.