When people are shopping or doing other things associated with Christmas they often get pain or sore feet even though they are wearing flat shoes. Even though flat shoes are good for you for the most part many of us are tight in their calves and this will tight the structure on the bottom of the foot and cause inflammation resulting in tenderness and soreness. These tips will help you avoid this soreness associated with wearing flats and during the running around associated with the Christmas period.

Top Tip 1.Stick either a 4 or 6 mm lift in or on your shoe or try to wear a shoe with a slight heel elevation in it.

By doing this you avoid tension on the bottom of your foot that tight calve muscles may cause. By lifting your heel a small amount off the ground you avoid tension and in turn micro tears that may form by being stretched out by wearing a ballet flat or a sandal.

You can get the lifts at the clinic for 5 dollars a lift and need to be stuck in both sides so as to not cause an imbalance at the pelvic level. We stock both 4 and 6mm if you feel you are very tight in your calves ask for the 6 mm.

Believe it or not Asics have started using this strategy in their runners and apparently have had great feedback in terms of comfort levels since they built a lift into their design.

2. Stretch your calves after shopping

After is actually more important than before in this case. It’s generally when you cool down in rest that muscles tight after a hard day of shopping and either happen the next morning or later that evening after you have sat down for a period of time. By stretching out your muscles you take the tension out of the bottom of your foot. You must remember that the calve muscles and the tissues at the bottom of your foot are connected.

How to do this exercise:

  1. Find a wall and place hands on it.
  2. Place one foot in front of the other so that toes are pointing in the same direction & feet are parallel.
  3. For the first stretch bend front knee and keep back knee straight.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds.
  5. For the second stretch bend back knee of back leg.
  6. Hold for 30 seconds.
  7. Repeat on opposite leg.


3. Make Sure You Come See Us If You Have Pain

You don t want foot pain ruining your Christmas and New Year so why not give us a call and make a booking so we can fix your pain before Christmas give us a call on 89669300.