Sore Calves

Do you have sore calves? Make sure you read this!

I wanted to share with you a common patient story I had in the clinic this week. So I had one our great patients in named Mary hobble into the clinic with a torn calve muscles. We’ve had a real spike in calve/ Achilles injuries recently. The first this she said was that she wished she hadn’t missed her last few appointments! She said she went for a run and jumped over some steps and felt a tearing.

It turned out after scans that she had partially torn both calve muscles on her left side. (better than a torn Achilles!). So we strapped the area and did some needling and she made a full recovery in about 3 weeks and back being active.

So, the take away’s here are

  • Everyone gets busy particularly at the moment and skips appointments for a whole range of reasons.
  • If you have sore or tight calves it would be preferable to come in and get them loosened before you tear them
  • If you do get a tear we can help

This video is a great warm up routine that only takes 3 minutes to get you ready for exercise please see the link below and is great if you have been sitting a lot and then go and run or walk a lot and help to minimise the risk of injury.

If you are getting pain, please remember that it is always best to get it checked. We are currently open and taking constant precautions to maintain our clinic as a safe environment. Make a booking either at the clinic or online just email us at [email protected] or call 89669300.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

P.S – Feel free to anyone with tight calves.