The problem with orthotics

Patients who ask me this question have often been prescribed orthotics in the past. As often happens, the orthotics worked well – right up to the point where the patient gives up on them because they don’t fit in her ballet flats or strappy sandals or other fashionable shoes. Once the orthotics are no longer worn, the symptoms return. The problem is that orthotics and women’s shoes are not always a good fit.

An alternative to orthotics

At Sydney Foot Solutions, we offer podiatry treatments that don’t restrict footwear or activity. Foot mobilisation therapy for example, works to improve the alignment of the lower leg joints, without using any kind of aids or devices. The foot care changes that we make are subtle and correct the action of the foot. The therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique that takes the joints of the feet through their natural range of motion and corrects their position, helping eliminate the foot pain. It is followed by a series of short exercises that support the physical changes that are happening to the foot.

Meet your foot care goals

Very early on in your treatment, you and I will establish what your goals are. If one of them is to be able to wear an unlimited style of footwear – then so be it. I can help you if you help yourself by attending scheduled appointments and committing yourself to doing the easy exercises. You will find that the whole process is very positive for both of us as we work together on a common goal. I learned a long time ago, that it was almost impossible to change my female patients’ minds about unsuitable footwear. Foot mobilisation therapy means that now I don’t even have to try.

If orthotics are not for you, there is another option. Call us now – we’re here to help you.