In the first of our case studies, we explore how we helped one of our female patients achieve amazing success not only in losing her pain—and her orthotics—but also 12 kilograms!

Johneen Ford is one of our inspirational patients, who came to Sydney Foot Solutions Podiatry approximately 4 months ago. Johneen had been suffering from heel pain in both feet for years, caused by chronic plantar fasciitis.

Johneen, one of our happy patients in the clinic during a foot moblisation session

Johneen at the clinic

Stuck on orthotics

Johneen had previously consulted another podiatrist, who issued a pair of orthotics to control her heel pain. Johneen wore the orthotics, and thankfully did achieve significant improvement when wearing them, but hated that meant wearing them “98% of the time.” When we met Johneen, she was becoming increasingly frustrated with being stuck in lace up runners to accommodate her orthotics, and her exercise regime was becoming severely limited.

Aligning on goals

When discussing Johneen’s goals, she made it very clear that she wanted to either get out of her orthotics, or at least cut down the amount of wear so that she could enjoy other footwear options when attending a function or nice restaurant. Another of Johneen’s goals was to reduce her heel pain so that she could once again become more active and lose weight; this is not an unusual request we hear from our patients. As a podiatrist, I can definitely see how it is difficult to lose weight when your foot pain and heel pain is severely reducing participating in a full range of activities.

After her initial $35 assessment, Johneen decided to partake on a course of foot mobilisation podiatry to treat the underlying issues, combined with acupuncture to reduce her pain.

Results within weeks

Within three short weeks of treatment she was already noticing significant improvement. When she reported that things were improving, we began to reduce the amount she was wearing her orthotics, and we encouraged her to gradually increase her exercise. While she was doing this we advised that if she had any increase in pain to immediately call the clinic so that we could quickly settle down any flare up via acupuncture, and modify her treatment.

Goals achieved, without an orthotic in sight

By the time we got together for Johneen’s 3-month review, she reported the she wasn’t experiencing any foot pain, that she was walking regularly, and that she had already started to lose weight. We checked on Johneen a month later, and we were pleased to hear she had lost 12 kilograms through diet and exercise.

This is an inspiration for us all, and I can’t credit Johneen enough for her life changing results through this process. And despite the increase in activity, Johneen is no longer wearing orthotics at all, and can choose from a wide variety of shoes, which she can wear comfortably.

Great work Johneen!

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