Meet Michelle

Michelle is an active mother with two very busy children. Michelle came to see us as she was suffering from heel pain and didn’t want it to affect her upcoming family holiday. She also wanted to have fun and be active with her kids every day. Michelle’s pain was getting to the point where it was affecting her ability to simply walk or move up and down the stairs in her own home.


When Michelle came in for an assessment, it was clear she was limping to avoid putting pressure on her right heel where the pain was most acute. She also had very tight calves and restricted movement through her ankles. We sent Michelle for weight-bearing X-rays to help diagnose the source of her pain. This would help determine a course of treatment to address the underlying cause of her problems.

Michelle was prescribed a course of foot mobilisation. This treatment is a hands-on technique that moves the joints of the foot through its natural range of motion. We also gave her some home-based exercises. Throughout the treatment process, we used acupuncture to assist with Michelle’s pain.

At her first review, Michelle reported a decrease in her foot pain. She was no longer limping and she felt she was able to be on her feet more than she had been previously.

At her final review, Michelle reported a huge improvement! Most importantly, Michelle reported that during her holiday in Europe, she was able to walk and ski with her kids without experiencing pain in her feet.

Michelle was a pleasure to have in the clinic and we are delighted to have been able to make it easy for her to be active — and to keep up with her two children on her holiday.

If, like Michelle, pain in your feet is restricting your busy life as a mum, come in for an assessment at Sydney Foot Solutions. Mention this article at the time of booking and receive a free initial consultation usually valued at $95. Call us now on 8966 9300 (for the Manly clinic) or 8072 7278 (for our city practice) to make an appointment, or go to www.alternativefootsolutions.com.au.