Maria came to Sydney Foot Solutions with chronic pain in the balls of her feet. The problem had escalated to the point where she developed chronic pain syndrome. This condition was drastically affecting her quality of life.

Maria had tried everything — countless pairs of shoes, orthotics, even surgery, but none of them provided relief. When we met Maria, she was desperate and we knew we had a challenging case. It was to Maria’s credit that she was happy to consult us, considering the number of people she had seen and treatments she had undergone.

Maria is a working mother so ‘putting her feet up’ is not an option. We assessed her condition and prescribed examinations involving a weight-bearing X-ray. This would measure the level of misalignment in her feet to ensure that we addressed the underlying cause of her condition. After we had the results of the tests, we discussed a course of foot mobilisation therapy to guide her foot structures back to their ideal position.

When we caught up with Maria a couple of months later, she reported a significant improvement in her condition. She was delighted, because she finally had treatment that resulted in a positive outcome. The great news is that we expect the positive results to be long term because we know we have addressed the underlying cause of the problem. The structures in Maria’s feet were repositioned — we confirmed this via a weight-bearing X-ray.

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