Meet Julie.
Julie came to see us because the pain in her feet was causing her to limp, which in turn caused pain in her lower back and hips. Julie, a professional her 50s who spends a lot of time on her feet, wanted to wear attractive shoes to work. The pain in her feet meant every step hurt, so Julie had a lot of trouble walking.


When Julie came in for an assessment, she had a noticeable limp and I could see that her feet did not function as they should. I sent her for further testing in the form of weight-bearing X-rays. These revealed that her talar-midline angles were 24 degrees on her left foot and 20 degrees on her right foot. This angle should be between 12 and 18 degrees to be in the normal range. This means that her foot was rolling in and collapsing quiet heavily!!

I prescribed a course of foot mobilisation therapy for Julie. This treatment involves hands-on techniques applied to the joints of the feet, and home-based exercises to improve the function of the foot. I also performed acupuncture to help relieve the pain.

At her first review, Julie was feeling about 80 per cent better. By her final review, she was feeling 100 per cent better. As she was able to walk without pain, she was no longer limping. This meant that the pain in her lower back and hips subsided as well.

At Julie’s final review, another set of weight-bearing X-rays revealed that her talar-midline angles had reduced to 16 degrees and 15 degrees for the left and right foot respectively. This significant change puts the angles within the normal range. Which means her foot had completely changed. We saw that her arch had risen and her walking and standing improved dramatically.

Julie was a great patient and we are delighted that we were able to help her resolve the pain in her feet as well as the pain in her lower back and hips. Well done Julie!

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