Meet Emma.

Emma came to see us because she had pain in her feet and knees. She wanted to be active so she could stay healthy but the pain was such that just getting around was a struggle. Emma started to feel like a bit of a slob and was afraid she would put on weight.

When Emma came in for an assessment of her feet, I could see that they were not functioning as they should. I sent her for further testing in the form of weight-bearing X-rays. These revealed that her talar-midline angles were 32 degrees on her left foot and 25 degrees on her right foot. This angle should be between 12 and 18 degrees, so Emma was well and truly over the normal range. Which means she was rolling in excessively and casing irritation to her soft tissues.

I prescribed a course of foot mobilisation therapy for Emma. This includes hands-on techniques applied to the joints of the feet, and home-based exercises to improve the function of the foot.

At her first review, Emma felt about 80 per cent better. By her final review, her feet felt 100 per cent better. Her knees functioned very well on a day-to-day perspective and only gave a little trouble if she overdid certain exercises at the gym. Emma said she felt amazing, and was now able to walk, go to the gym and do any activity she wanted. She felt a lot healthier and more active.

At her final review, another set of weight-bearing X-rays showed that Emma’s talar-midline angles had reduced to 21 degrees and 15 degrees for the left and right foot respectively. This significant change means the right foot is within the normal range, and the left has improved a massive 11 degrees and is now much closer to the normal range. So that we changed to alignment of her foot long term.

Emma was a great patient for us. We are delighted that we were able to help her resolve the pain in her feet and knees, and that she is now able to be as active as she wants. Congratulations Emma!

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