Make sure you check out this video showing a calf stretch if you suffer from heel pain.

This calf stretch for heel pain exercise is great at loosening up your legs and feet, and definitely worth doing if you are experiencing any heel pain.

At Sydney Foot Solutions, Foot Mobilisation Therapy is our specialty and we have successfully treated thousands of patients over the last 20 years. In fact we have over a 90% success rate in treating heel pain. We offer an initial Heel pain assessment, where we run through a series of examination and evaluation to determine the cause and condition of your heel pain and assess the best treatment options for Heel pain. Book an assessment https://northernbeachesheelpainclinic.com.au/request-heel-pain-assessment/ or https://sydneyfootsolutions.com.au/new-patient-offer/

calf stretch

Foot mobilisation in the treatment of heel pain and plantar fasciitis

In our many years of podiatry experience, we have found foot mobilisation to be the most effective way to treat heel pain and plantar fasciitis while simultaneously fixing the underlying causes of the problems. Foot mobilisation is a gentle hands-on approach that corrects the alignment of the foot long term and addresses the underlying cause of your heel pain.

The therapy involves gently and painlessly taking the joints of the feet through their full range of motion, which helps to gradually correct their positioning. Foot mobilisation strengthens the entire foot, and in most cases, completely resolves any misalignment issues that may be contributing to your heel pain.

Benefits of our treatment for heel pain / Plantar fasciitis
  • Diagnose the underlying cause with our expert guidance
  • Address the root cause for lasting relief
  • No need to ditch your favourite shoes
  • Enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot
  • Pursue your passions without limitations
  • Free yourself from orthotics and embrace a pain-free lifestyle
  • No need to ‘rest’ During treatment process
  • Accelerated pain relief and healing with advanced laser therapy