robertAre you a sceptic?

Do you doubt our ability to treat your plantar fasciitis effectively? Would being able to run forever without foot pain convince you that our method works? If so —read this!


Meet Robert

Robert was a self-confessed sceptic who doubted the efficacy of our treatment methods. A sufferer of plantar fasciitis, he attended our clinic because we successfully treated his wife at our Manly clinic. I must say, Robert was the most polite sceptic we’ve ever had, and an absolute pleasure to have in the clinic.

We performed an assessment on Robert, and then sent off for weight-bearing X-rays to ensure that we diagnosed the underlying cause of Robert’s foot pain correctly. Once we received all the relevant scans and confirmed our diagnosis, we discussed the best way to proceed. Robert asked a number of very relevant questions. He told us that his main reason for attending the clinic was that he didn’t want his foot pain (plantar fasciitis) to prevent him from running in the future. We love it when a patient asks many questions, because it gives us a chance to provide in-depth and specific answers that address the questions properly. We feel we do a much better job than Google.

Between us, we decided that a course of foot mobilisation therapy would be the best approach, and to his credit, Robert was happy to do whatever was necessary so that he could continue running free of pain.

Robert attended our Manly practice and our city practice, and consulted all of our practitioners over the course of his treatment. When we touched base at his review, not only had the structures of his foot changed quite significantly (we confirmed this via a follow-up weight-bearing X-ray), but his foot was 90 per cent better and he was able to run if he wished. Credit goes to Robert for his diligent compliance.

Robert had a great result and went from being sceptical to being happy to recommend us!

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