What to look for and when to get your child’s feet and legs checked

  1. Any pain from the hip down that lasts longer than two weeks. This is not a growing pain and needs to be addressed. When we talk about pain, it is not limited to the foot. We assess children with any pain from the hip down because the pain is usually related to their feet.
  2. Different types of pain. A child’s feet should be assessed if the child complains of lower limb pain after or during any activity. Children often feel pain while sleeping (i.e. they wake at night crying) or after an activity like soccer; they may even want their legs rubbed.
  3. If your child avoids running or exercise. Studies have proved comprehensively that poor lower limb function will cause a child to avoid activity and may affect long-term self-esteem. This is especially true in boys, because they socialise on the sporting pitch. There are a
    number of other health issues associated with reluctance to exercise.

How We Can Help?

We deal with a range of child- or adolescent-related issues. In many cases, the issue may be resolved very simply. This will avoid long-term issues and discomfort, and will improve lower limb function helping long-term development. We believe in this so strongly that if your child has issues, we are happy to provide an assessment free of charge. Please just call ask one of our receptionists for a booking and mention this blog.