Are bunions inherited?

Make sure you watch this video if you would like to know.

Transcript of video: 

“Are bunions inherited? So, bunions are, yes, I suppose you could say that they’re inherited, but I suppose they are a secondary inherited trait. Bunions happen because of the way that you stand and the way that you walk, and the misalignment through your foot and ankle, and the compensations with that. And as, over time, that’s when we see the formation of a bunion. So, a bunion isn’t like blue eyes or brown skin or brown hair or whatever you want to refer to as a genetic trait- it’s a secondary genetic trait, if you will. So, the good news is, is that if you improve the way you stand and the way you walk, you can improve the progress of a bunion which will help you avoid surgery, and it can  help you avoid the long-term issues. If you are interested in finding out more about that, we do that all the time. Make the most of our initial assessment offer on bunions. 65% off, which is just $35 for an initial assessment offer (usually $100). Give us a call on 8966 9300.”