Meet Aiden

Aiden came to see us because she was suffering from a painful big toe joint. Upon assessment and examining the results of an X-ray, it was clear that Aiden had a bunion with some degenerative change.


Aiden is a university student whose bunion and degenerative change were very advanced for her age, so we knew that immediate attention and conservative care would get her the best results.


We started a course of foot mobilisation to correct the alignment of her foot and address the main factors that were contributing to Aiden’s tender bunion.


We saw great results from Aiden’s course of foot mobilisation treatment. You can see these results in her ‘before and after’ X-rays below.


More importantly, Aiden’s foot and big toe feel much better and our correction of the level of alignment in her foot as well as our strengthening of the relevant muscle will hold her in good stead for the rest of her life.


If you or any one in your family has a bunion, it’s always best to treat this as soon as possible, otherwise your only option may be surgery. Ask about our special bunion assessment for only $35 (that’s 65% off the usual $100).

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