Kelly Slater recently broke two toes while surfing, and three weeks out from pipe masters he was in a boot leading into the event. He spoke about how he was unable to surf due to the pain and having to allow the area to heal, adding that the injury would not be properly healed in time for the event.

It’s a pity that his specialist didn’t recommend acupuncture at Sydney Foot Solutions, as we use this treatment in the healing of fractures all the time. Most people feel an improvement after the first treatment due to the immediate pain relief. Healing also takes place because of the increased blood flow to the area. Bone usually responds very well to acupuncture. I would argue that it cuts the healing time of a fracture by at least a third.

A couple of years ago, I fractured my ankle and needed to be in a boot. The recommended healing time for this type of fracture is six to eight weeks. I wore my boot for three weeks and then just strapped the area. When we X-rayed after four weeks, the area was completely healed—not to mention the pain relief provided by the acupuncture.

Back to Kelly’s broken toes. This particular issue is common. A patient of mine injured his toes exactly the same way, and was told not to surf for eight weeks. After receiving acupuncture twice a week, he was back in the water in one week. The area had not completely healed at this stage, but the pain and inflammation were significantly reduced, so the area could be strapped and he could get wet again without too much pain.

Another common fracture site is the little toe, which is all too often whacked on the edge of the bed or doorframe. Patients normally report improvement after one session as the injury heals at a dramatically faster rate.

So next time you or someone you know suffers a fracture, give us a call at Sydney Foot Solutions on 8966 9300.